In the beginning – 1901-1999

In 1901, Patrick Dickson, a solicitor and bank agent in Laurencekirk, in conjunction with his sisters Isabella Elizabeth Dickson and Mrs Margaret Dickson or Morrison, erected a church hall - known as The Dickson Memorial Hall Рin memory of their parents, David Dickson, sometime a solicitor and bank agent in Laurencekirk, and his wife Elizabeth Webster or Dickson.

The hall, and the area of ground on which it is built, was gifted to the Kirk Session of the Parish Church of Laurencekirk, as trustees, for the benefit of the congregation with certain conditions attached in relation to its use. At that time the Kirk Session comprised the minister, the Reverend Thomas Scott MA and eight other men, described as ‚ÄėRuling Elders‚Äô, one of whom was Patrick Dickson.

Patrick Dickson also owned the land surrounding the hall and gifted right of access through his property to the former kirk Manse, then located between the hall and Church (now Kirk Lodge).  The hall was formally handed over to the Kirk Session and thereafter declared open on 28 June, 1901m by the Right Reverend James Mitchell, Doctor of Divinity, Minister of South Leith and Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland.

A new era – opening the hall to a wider audience

The hall served the Church and generations of Laurencekirk residents very well over the years however, as society changed and lifestyle activities moved on the Kirk Session, as trustees, felt  the conditions imposed by the Deed of Gift in 1901, were restrictive. On 24 December, 1999, a Modified Trust was presented for registration in the Books of the Lords of Council and Session in Edinburgh - allowing the hall to be used for activities in keeping with the lifestyles of today’s society.

Today – refurbished and regenerated, The Dickson Hall: For the whole community

The hall, which is a registered charity, remained in remarkably good condition over the years however, it became clear that  internal modernisation was needed as the new Millennium dawned and, following a grant of £467,000 from the Scottish Government’s Town Centre Regeneration Fund, together with funding from Aberdeenshire Council, it was refurbished and extended in 2010 to provide the accommodation and facilities open to the community today.

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